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Started Working On Snake Editor (Highly Requested)

2017-10-17 19:58:40 by JimGiant

Due to popular request I've Started Working on the snake editer. Needs a tiny bit of a clean up and then maybe 400 lines of code to get the thing functioning but for me this is the hard bit out of the way.

Hopefully the interface isn't too confusing but you'll be able to change the texture, colour and model for the head, tail and up to 5 body segments (which will then repeat).

The astute among you have probably noticed the second snake. This is of course for multiplayer and split screen is planned for the build after next along with the fully functioning snake editor. 

We now have a new level/model editor and you'll be seeing some of his work soon along with a proper introduction. Once these are implimented the game will be ready for early access in online stores.



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