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Flying Snake Dev Log 4

2017-10-13 06:47:53 by JimGiant

Made a few changes:

First off I deleted the early snake medal. It was a hard decision and I know this might upset some of you but it was causing too many complications, not unlocking for some people and it's not fair on people who will be playing on other platforms. Don't worry there will be many more badges to replace it in the future.

Due to popular demand I've added particle effects when you eat fruit. It will probably be refined in future releases but it's there. Let me know what you think and how you think it could be improved.

Objects which get between the snake head and the camera will now turn turn semi-transparent. This will likely be refined in the future as well and it will become very useful when levels with obsticles are introduced.

People demanded a wider field of view so I gave it to them but other people thought it was too wide so I thought the best sollution was to give people the option to change it from the pause menu. I've also added another slider to change camera distance in 3rd person mode.

Fruit will no longer spawn inside the snake unless the snake is so long it's covering virtually everything (nobody has got anywhere near that level yet). 


Lots more to come in future releases.

Snake designer!

New pretty high detailed levels 

Better sounds!

More game modes

More medals / scoreboards

PC and Mac standalone releases!


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