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Flying Snake Dev Log 2:

2017-09-22 00:18:23 by JimGiant

So the next update isn't going to be the most exciting one (for me at least) but it is an important one!

I've only just started but I'm going to be working on improving the main menu.


I'm surprised only one person has pointed it out because it's the first thing people see and currently the UI sucks. It's an ugly cluttered mess and I feel sick looking at it but I really hate setting them up and I'd rather focus on gameplay and content.

One of the reasons I'm doing this now is to do with medals. Personally I couldn't give a crap about them but I know they are very important to a lot of you so why not get it out of the way now? 

I've got them unlocking to NG profiles just fine but I cannot for the life of me get the on screen notification to pop up using the call back so I figured it would be less work to create my own system for it from scratch, this will also have the added benifit of making everything look consistant when it's recompiled to other platforms. Along with that I'd also like an in game area to look at your medals so I thought I'd get this out the way now perhaps I'll even make a trophy room you can fly around in to display them in a more interesting way but that's getting waaay ahead of myself!

I also promised a blog post showing how to get medals and leaderboards set up with Unity with a download link and this can't be done until I've got them all working as intended.

I'd also like to have an info panel which gives some basic information about each level and medal  with hopefully some witty dialogue.

The UI probably isn't going to be the most flashy but I'm hoping for something clean and easy to understand while having more features than before.

Other updates:

The invert slider on the main menu will actually work! I thought I had it fixed before but aprently not!

All settings will be saved! Some of the new features such as whether you want to use mouse control and whether you like the radar on or off currently aren't saved when you quit the game, I'll make sure this is done by time of the next update.

Loading screen! On slower machines there can be a dramatic frame rate drop for the first few seconds when you load a level. Hopefully this will fix things. I'll also try to make it more interesting than the usual boring loading bar you see.

File size reduction (big maybe). Whilst 14mb isn't bad for a 3d game I think I can do better. More features are being added but I think it's doable since there are currently unused assets and assets which can be optemised a lot more than they currently are. To the end user this will mean quicker loading times (very important for online games)  and improved frame rate.

This will probably take a couple of days. In the mean time I'll upload a couple of short blog posts and try not to get distracted by all the other great games on here!


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