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Flying Snake Dev Log 1:

2017-09-20 17:44:17 by JimGiant


JimGiant here from Bloody Pommel Studios. I was supposed to be coding but then I noticed you can make blog posts here so I've decided to start a dev log. That's productive right?

I'm currently working on my second Unity game 3D Flying Snake which is linked below incase you haven't played it already.



I'm absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of support the project has recieved so far and the amazing ideas reviewers have given me. The project was never supposed to be anything special, it started as a simple "what if snake was 3d?". I uploaded the game to Kong a few months ago where it recieved hardly any traction and shitty ratings which put me off for a while but I decided to start up again a few days ago and improve it. It's amazing how much of a difference increasing the starting speed and adding some energetic music made. 

Since then the interface has been overhalled, new controlls have been added, a radar has been added and bugs have been fixed and the list of new features I need to add keeps growing. For now I'll give a quick run down of the planned features and I'll go in to more detail about them at a later date.

* New levels. The next update will have at least one new level due to popular demand. I'd love to consentrate on adding more than that but it would mean doubling up a lot of work if I make changes in one level which effect others.

* More leaderboards. Setting up the first one had me pulling my hair out, seriously I was trying to get the API working for about 6 hours! It should be pretty trivial to set up the rest though. I'll release a Unity plug and instructions to make leaderboards easy at some point because as it stands I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

* Badges, badges, badges, a snake! (reps for anyone who gets the refference). Seriously I want to get a few medals up for the next update. I've already got a ton of snake puns at the ready but feel free to leave suggestions for badges and submit art work and I'll add you to a credit screen if I use your idea.

* Mouse control. The game tecnically supports it at the moment but it's glitchy. Hopefully a mouse smoothing script will fix this issue.


That's it for the next update (if everything goes to plan). There's a bunch of other stuff planned though

* More levels, badges and leaderboards.

* Particle effects when you eat.

* More foods (maybe some will give you special abilities).

* Bug fix, stop food from spawning inside the snake

* Custom snakes. I can see this being a pain to code for but totally worth it! This would probably be a good oppertunity to earn a bit of cash but that's not my style. I'll probably release this on steam with improved graphics since it runs much faster on desktop.

* Death cam. I'd like to be able to rotate around to see the snake after death before having it explode.

* Improved radar. I'd like a line to come off the target to show whether it is higher or lower than the snake head. Last time I worked the radar I gave up with this task but I think I've sussed how to do it.

* Refined UI, esspecially the start screen.

My next blog post will probably be about how to set up NG leaderboards and badges using free Unity assets I'll provide.


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2017-09-21 05:51:05

Hi, I love your game, however, is it possible to switch it into fullscreen? I noticed, some Unity games have a button for that.

JimGiant responds:

I'll look in to it. It'll be in the update after the one I upload tonight.


2017-09-21 17:10:04

When I try to set vertical controls to standard within the menu it doesn't carry on to the actual game.

JimGiant responds:

I thought I'd fixed that. I'll check up in it later.